Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Double party points forDecember!

Hosted parties last for 10 days!
Did you know that it is absolutely FREE to host a Younique party with me? 
Did you know it can all be done online and you you don't have to leave your home? Did you know that for this month of December you can earn double the party points? 
Earn FREE makeup, Half priced Items, etc! View the images below! The first image shows the rewards chart! BUT for December...DOUBLE IT! 
However, if the party doesn't end before December 31st the points do not count when they carry on through to January! So I guess the best is cut off date for creating a hosted party link would be December 20th!
Contact me now, and Let's get this Party started! Oh and did I mention it goes on for 10 days? A party that lasts 10 days! There is so much potential!

Below is an link, and it is what your party link will look like! 

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