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I would also like to add that I am having a weekly blog feature Tuesdays, on My Other Blog! I would love to add lots of other bloggers and have them share their blogging stories/journey over the time they have been blogging! Check out more on that HERE! Email me and let me know, and you can share the link to the "Tuesday's Treasures! Tell me about yourself and your blog(s)!" And after I have featured you blog(or blogs) I will add you to this list. :)

Blogs I enjoy reading :
Why I Wake up Every Day
The Seaman Mom blog
where the moon sleeps
101 Bird Tales
Ann's Product Reviews (My other blog)
Crazy Mama!
A Taste of Madness
Buzz Connect
Diva Likes
The Little Things We Do
Tattooed Tealady
fantasy art and tree chatter of aquariann
My Life of Travels and Adventures
Thee Glam Junkie

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