Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lots of great finds here today!!

I hope you all are having some great weather so far this spring :-)
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been busy working in my new job! I have been trying to post every week, so please come back and view more great products, tips or special offers!
Here are some great offers and products I found and would like to share with you all. Please remember that Mother's Day is coming up and this blog has many posts that you might want to check out and see if you find mom the perfect gifts!! 
e.l.f. cosmetics

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e.l.f. cosmetics


Find more products by :
Mother's day is coming up, why not get your mom something she can always use?!!

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Makeup tips and tricks! All under $10.00 USD Each! Limited time...

These are some tutorial photoes I found on pinterest or have shared to my pinterest!

Different ways to apply eyeliner for different eye effects:

Eyeliner Special Effects:

Types of eyeliners:

All for $3.00 each!

Highlight and Contour:

A quick and easy face highlighting and contouring visual guide

Some great products for contouring and highlighting:
Light as a highlighter and Darker colors as a contour, and assuming you have foundation first of course!
Some of these have a shimmer, but you can find solid non shimmering pigments as well, I will list some below!


3. e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream St. Lucia $3.00 usd (Non shimmering contouring blush)

Foundations can also be used, you can find lighter and darker shades as well!
Here are a few:

4. e.l.f. Studio Flawless Finish Foundation Buff $6.00 usd Matte Finish

5. e.l.f. Studio Flawless Finish Foundation Coco $6.00 usd Matte Finish


6. e.l.f. Studio Blush Gotta Glow $3.00 usd (has a slight shimmer)

7. e.l.f. Studio Blush Giddy Gold $3.00 usd (has shimmer)

Cream based: 

Some of these might not have a light enough shade for you skin, but some with beautiful darker skin tones can use it!

8. e.l.f. Studio HD Mattifying Cream Foundation Porcelain $6.00 usd non shimmering/Matte Finish

9. e.l.f. Studio HD Mattifying Cream Foundation Coco $6.00 usd non shimmering/Matte Finish

Here is a video tutorial I found! I like her work and have watched many of her videos/tutorials!

 I think that's about all I am going add for now, as I don't want to overwhelm anyone with so many selections! I just wanted to help show those who don't know what to do on how easy it is to get different types of products you're able to use for Highlighting and Contouring! Some even use eye shadow, so what you use is totally optional and based on personal preference!
Have a great week everyone, as always be yourself and wear whatever you want and look however you want!
Below is a great kit I found and would like to share!

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday's beauty finds! Lovely! :-)

Hello everyone, sorry it has taken me a little bit to get this up! Please scroll through this different products and accessories. I have explained as best I can for easier use of each product! Enjoy!! Sorry if there are some repeats from other posts, if there are it's just shows how much I really like them! ;)

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I like this stuff for my natural waves, if my hair naturally dries, it is just a little bit of body, but if I add finishing pray I get some nice big waves of curls. I just let my hair air dry and crunch it as it dries and than I add my oil, some gel and finishing spray so as it is almost dry the hair sets as I scrunch and add little bits at a time of finishing spray. It will stay for a couple days and if it is messy when I wake up, shower with a shower caps to keep my hair dry, after getting out of the shower I remove the cap and I add a little water and a tiny bit more spray.

This tool is great for drying and getting those blowout looks with just one tool! This works on wet to damp hair and can be used on any hair length! This is a great traveling accessory, as you wont need you brush and blow dryer as hair dryers can take up a lot of room in your travel bags.

This is a great product for when you are flat ironing or curling your hair, it can be used before or after(I recommend after) styling, to enhance the shining look!

Create soft, healthy curls with this Leave-In Conditioner. Maximize the moisture in your curls! Size: 7.27 oz

I hope you enjoyed reading about these products I have found and please feel free to test them out!
Please come again soon to check out more updated post in the future, and please check out other post on other great products!
Have a great weekend :-)

Beauty Brands

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