Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How to care for and prevent damaged hair!

I always look at people's hair when I am out and about, on the bus, while walking to the store, when I go shopping, when I am out with friends, literally everywhere I go!
A lot of the time I am seeing damaged hair, great styles and some bad hair styles I know I would love to fix! ;0)

Anyways to get back to it, I would like to explain a few different ways in which you can protect your hair from damage(product above and near the bottom), prevent damage from happening(all the products on this page) and what to do once the damage(keep reading to find the products) has already been done!

I'd like to talk about the worse case...

Bleaching: Bleaching can probably be the worse damage of them all, anyone who has experimented and failed will know what I mean when I say, "Chemical hair cuts are traumatizing"! Don't get me wrong, experimenting on yourself can be bad, but sometimes a professional can make a boo-boo as well. However I have seen people walk into a Salon, ask to be blonde after having black hair and not telling the Stylist of their previous chemical hair damage under all that freshly straightened pretty black hair! Long story short, because the stylist wasn't told that under that pretty straight black hair is bleached, everyday blow dries and flat ironed damage. Sometimes Blow dried/flat ironed hair can look pretty good. But once it's wet you see what's really hiding under those covers!

Chemical cuts! Have you seen this video circling around?

Good thing it's only a mannequin!

And back to my story, because the bleach was applied to that hair, there was devastating results...Not the stylist's fault, even though she felt dreadful. The hair was only in the bleach like 20 minutes? After it was getting rinsed, the hair was breaking off..In the SINK. That shows how damaged it was; before the bleach, was even applied. It is never advisable to bleach over previously bleached hair, or perms. Sometimes you will even see someone walk into a salon and be told no, they would not bleach your hair. No they don't like sending clients away, but they don't want to go through the process and send you away bald either! YES that can happen, and it has happened many times! Don't hate on a stylist if you went and got work done and blamed the stylist for ruining your hair if you didn't tell her your hair's history!

There are great oils out there to use as a nice treatment for damaged hair(when your hair is already damaged), here is one below.

Below - This is great for before you comb out while your is wet, if your hair is very tangled, because of damage and you have super damaged hair you're afraid to comb when it's wet.

below - Also good as a leave in treatment, anyone can use this, if you hair is damaged or not, it's just great for everyone!!

Before you attack it with heat, please Protect it:
Below: "Renewal Nourishing Styling Treatment" holds in hairs natural moisture, reduces blow dry time and helps smooth, hydrate and fight frizz!
Here are a couple products I like to refer you to!
1. 2. 

Product information:
1. Oil Wonders Micro-Oil Shampoo
Treat and replenish your hair with Oil Wonders Micro-Oil Shampoo. This luxurious shampoo was inspired by ancient beauty rituals and exotic ingredients. Size: 10.1 oz

2. Oil Wonders Oil Conditoner:
Condition and nourish your hair with Oil Wonders Oil Conditioner. This luxurious conditioner was inspired by ancient beauty rituals and exotic ingredients. Size: 6.8 oz

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