Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Here are some great beautiful things I love!!

Things I love!

This dress is beautiful, I love the style, color and the lacey look over a solid colored fabric! I love how the small belt enhances the torso's frame!

These things are great, they are quick and easy! Just don't put too big of a section as it will pull and hurt! They leave a ringlet type curl.

These new wet brushes are great, you can have matted wet hair and it doesn't pull (if it does it isn't an original!), it glides through the hair and leaves your hair still healthy, if you use a regular brush with wet hair it ends up ruining your hair and ends up breaking and drying out! Don't use a brush when your hair is wet, unless it is with a wet brush!

Pro 72 Colors Smoky Eyeshadow Eye Shadows Pigments Palette Makeup
Love all these colors, you can mix and match your eyeshadow looks everyday! I love how a nicely blended Smokey eye can make your eyes stand out.

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